Many of our guests have described our home as a summer camp for dogs. It's almost like your dog being able to have a slumber party at the dog park! We are Punkin Patch Puppies, LLC we are a full time, licensed, and insured in-home doggie daycare and boarding. If you would like to know more about our family along with lots of cute dog photos we are on Instagram @punkinpatchfarm. We are a high energy, silly, fun-loving household.  We spend several hours a day outside in our large fenced in backyard. even though our backyard is fully fenced in the dogs come in and out with me and are never left outside unsupervised. Your dog can run around and play with the other dogs for hours or relax under a tree in the shade. Our kids love to play with the hose and water table and many of the dogs enjoy to join them and run through the water and play in the water table or dog pool. Our home is a very relaxed and laid back place for your pup to relax and make themselves at home. Dog are welcome on beds and couches. We enjoy snuggling up with the dogs to watch a movie or morning cartoons with the kids. My husband myself and our four children live on our hobby backyard farm, Punkin Patch Farm.  We have chickens and a duck They are in their own pens and will not interact with your dog. We do have cats but it's unlikely your dog will see them as they keep to themselves and really never come into the house to interact with the dogs.  We have several kennels and crates if you would like your dog to be separated or in a crate at night. I will not crate your dog unless you have asked so please be sure to let me know if this is what you prefer. Our home and yard are under 24hr recorded video surveillance for the safety our animals and family. I have been working with dogs and other animals for 15 years as a veterinary assistant and in boarding facilities and shelters. I have a dog training certificate.  We look forward to welcoming your dog into our home.

Punkin Patch Puppies, LLC

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